Monday, 22 December 2008

Äiti came home early today and says that she is now with us for two weeks and does not have to go to work. We are happy about this, and also very curious that she bought a bag of presents too. She says they are for her but as there is a cute picture of two kittens on the bag, I think they are for me! I have been trying to investigate, with some help from Velis Harris and Sisko Islay.
I have also been very busy moving toys. I found the favourite catnip apple and decided to take it away and hide it.
I put it behind joulukuusi but later it had been moved. I do not know how my older brothers and sister found it - I did hide it very well.
To be honest, I have been feeling a little poorly today and my ears are very hot. I am glad I am going to ystävämme eläinlääkäri tomorrow as she might make me feel better. My brothers are horrified by this. Veli Lewis also has to go to have something horrible done to his bottom, and Äiti is worried about how scared he will be because he hates being carried and often makes a puddle like a scared kittencat. I feel sorry for him - he cannot help being such a frightened boy.
But today I have needed to sleep a lot and have quiet time. I like to be close to Äiti so sit on her whenever she sits down.
Or it is good to be with Veli Stran. Here we have caught a mouse together. We decided not to eat it as it would hurt Veli Stran's ulcers, which are getting better. Tonight Äiti has said we can both have jäätelöä but she is not going to the freezer as quickly as she should be to get it.


Kuovi said...

Oh, I love Christmas! Mamma has MY delicious turkey in the oven and it's starting to spread it's lovely aroma around the house :P I hope it will be ready soon, I've already told mamma several times during the last half an hour that I can't wait much longer!

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Äiti has been cooking all afternoon and I have been lying in front of the stove in case some yummy food falls down into my mouth. No luck though! She did give me my own bowl of ice cream though to help me recover from the injection I had at the vet.....

Kuovi said...

I put a video Juuso having the first bites of turkey to our blog. He was REALLY enjoying it *yum yum* :D