Sunday, 14 December 2008

I met a candle for the first time yesterday and my poor whisker tips have gone a little bit curly. Veli Stran says I was lucky - he once set fire to his tail.

I have been a very conscientious kitten recently, and paid great attention to getting enough beauty sleep. I even allowed Äiti to sleep for 6 hours without interruption last night which could be why she is less grumpy today. She has been busy using the computer so it has been hard to sneak on to reach my public and blog.
I have also discovered a new enemy in my plan to get all Äiti's attention - books! I know she has this habit of reading but on Saturday she started a new book and carried on reading it for HOURS. I really did try hard to destroy it but it didn't work and she read right up to the end page. I could have told her 'whodunnit' right at the start but she said that was not the point. Veli Stran has warned me that for the Christmas break she has bought many of these books so I better get used to it. I am going to try to find them and turn them to cat litter before they have a chance to take away my playtime.
Sisko Islay says I could do with more cat litter because she is getting fed up with the little smells I am making. My brothers laugh and say that she should be quiet as apparently her little bottom was not so sweet when her digestive system was growing up. Personally I think one or two kitten farts are nothing to be worried about but I do notice that when I have used the litter tray Äiti dashes in to clean it very quickly and starts to moan a little. What's wrong with a few smells here and there?


Kuovi said...

My mamma was so selfish too on friday. She said her shoulders and arms were aching and went to bed at 5pm! How could she be so disobedient!? I didn't get ANY attention for several hours!I didn't like it at all! But I got my revenge when she woke up. I attacked and bit and scratched her ankles. Several times. Just to let her know my feelings were hurt...


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Oh no! That is not good. Maybe next time you could try massaging her shoulders, and maybe some cat-acupuncture?

Last night Äiti was going to bed and as I jumped across the bed before she covered her feet she had on the hated socks!

We must unite together to train our humans. No early nights. No socks. And more ice cream....

John Priddey said...


I love the look you give Stran at the end of that clip. "Yeah, I meant to do that".

Mirka said...

Great, you did it before me! We have also a candle burning in the toilet for most of the time, because Mirka thinks the cat litter smells as she's used to Tellu going out to do those things. She's been a little worried about me burning myself, but I have not even tried this one- yet. Have lots of other things in my mind. Have destroyed everything in the house while she was away as I had no-one to play with:( Lucky you, you got Stran. Tellu does not want to play, she loves to eat and sleep and go outside.
Mirka is trying to upload few pictures of me in the facebook right now as she nicked Eetu's camera yesterday:) Hope you'll see me properly soon!