Thursday, 25 December 2008

Hehehe. Hyvää joulua! We have had a very boring day yesterday but today was much more fun with many lovely things to play with and eat. Äiti was out yesterday so all I could do was sleep.
She came in after midnight and felt so bad for leaving us that we had a HUGE meal. This was good because Veli Harris had tried to eat joulukuusi which was not very good for him. Despite a full tummy, I still remembered to wake her up for breakfast at 6am by biting her toes. She was very lazy and went back to bed but I decided she should not have much sleep - I wanted to play. So she unwrapped all the presents and I had a lovely time playing with the paper and exploring. Veli Stran and Veli Harris are so excited as Serkut Bramble, Treacle, Sid, Stanley and George (who are all GIRL cats) from England sent lots and lots of Lickins. Sisko Islay is overjoyed as Täti Kez (Äiti to Serkut Stanley, Sid and George who have had a very good day!) has sent custard powder which makes something even more yummy than jäätelö but I find that hard to imagine.
I will of course have to taste everything as it is my job: Punapippuri of Muhos Fields has to make sure everything is fit for my family to eat.
Täti Carolyn and Setä Al sent some lovely expensive treats for us and I have made sure some of them are safe by hiding a tub behind juolukuusi.

So, I like this thing called Christmas, and I like all the nice kind people who sent us parcels and presents: kiitos kaikkille - now where is my turkey????


Mirka said...

Finncats don't eat turkey, but KINKKU!

I did not get a christams tree as it was taken to Myllykylä. But I had my own play centre too with 3 floors and I am very happy with it. Tellu got some catnip toys and is sleeping on them so that I cannot reach them. She is still very good at catching the catnip mouse and catnip JOULUKUUSI at the same time.

I've been happy with Eetu being around as he is all the time playing with me! I must be better than playstation! Mirka has only been eating and sleeping a lot!

Maru Christmas!

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

We are not a prejudiced household - turkey, ham, anything that costs a lot of euros per kilo is welcome.

I am glad you have a play centre too - they are ace and I can sit on it in many places and biff my brothers and sister. Veli Lewis even came to play earlier.

Äiti is CLEANING. We are talking about the quickest way to mess the place again. I think climbing the tree and sliding down with claws out is good, but Veli Harris thinks rolling on the rugs has more potential. He is not the cleverest but he is fun to jump on. Islay wants to go to the litter trays and just kick outwards. Veli Stran just thinks we are kids and wants more food - we still have no dry food because of his poor mouth.
I do not like catnip yet -apparently I grow up to like it. Maybe you can only like it if you have no balls?
Happy Christmas to all of you - remember it is Boxing Day so you must find as many boxes as possible to destroy :)

Kuovi said...

On Christmas Eve I just ate and slept... ate and slept... ate and slept <3 I was in heaven :) And I personally don't so much like kinkku even though I'm a Finncat, I prefer turkey. I love turkey. I live for the turkey :P Everything seems so PERFECT when you have your tummy full of yummy food :) I think the FOOD is the meaning of Christmas!