Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Whoops. Monday morning and a puddle. But last night I was good. Äiti is a bit worried that I am not eating. It is hard when Veli Stran and Sisko Islay stand right by the bowl when my little kitten bites cannot eat fast enough.
And also I have had yucky fish! I have decided Punapippuri of Muhos Fields does not like the scaly creatures which have not evolved legs: I want MEAT. Äiti was not happy having paid over 2€ for a tiny tin of 'best quality fishy bits' (trout I think) and I just twitched my nose at it. But at the moment I do not feel very hungry - I eat lots of biscuits in the day when Äiti is not looking, and she is weighing me (how undignified) to check I am ok. I think Äiti is a bit worried as Veli Stran was quiet (he is now better and lets me jump on his head again) and Veli Lewis has been sick too (he made a furball so now I know what one looks like - eeek). It is good to have an Äiti who thinks about us but not when we get medicine or weighed or even have our fur brushed. I do not like that!
One of my adoring fans (200 visits in a week to my blog - Punapippuri is famous; Äiti's blog never gets read hehehe!) wondered if Veli Stran and I are exactly the same colour. It is hard to see sometimes where one of us begins and the other ends, especially as there is so much of Veli Stran (who has just come top of the 'who is my cutest brother' poll - he is very pleased about that!). But Veli Stran is a bit of a yellow belly - I am more PUNAINEN. I think this picture may show it, and if not, it shows me being very pleased with myself as I have just won another boxing match with him!


Kuovi said...

Yes, I can see that difference now :D

Juuso is going to see the vet this friday, getting a vaccination and his teeth cleaned. I think he will not like it at all... Juuso-parka :(

Sirpa said...

Eat a lot of food Punapippuri - you will be as big as veli Stran some day or even bigger. :)

My cat doesn't like fish (and salmon oil) - I am not sure if he has tasted fish as a young cat or not (he was a stray cat.) But because Punapippuri is so young and he doesn't like fish it seems that some cats don't like fish and others love it.

This is one of my favourite blogs! :)