Thursday, 13 November 2008

Who would be unkind enough to send such a cute little kitten cat like me to sleep in the sauna ?
I did it again, snuggled under the duvet and then made a puddle. Äiti was not happy.
She also was a bit upset when I clamped my jaws shut on her foot last night before bedtime. I think my teeth make very sweet little marks.
This was after we had a sauna. As a Finncat it is my duty to have sauna but I did find it quite hot and had to lie down very fast. Äiti moved me out of there quickly, which was good as I was feeling very tired (hyvä löyly). I even quite liked some of the splashes from the shower afterwards (there is no ice hole here to jump into - I am not that much of a Finncat!).
This morning I tried to make her happier by playing with her sock (and hopefully she would not notice I was hiding it). I also saw that she began reading a book on 'problem behaviour in cats'. I wonder what my brothers have been doing that she has to look up. It cannot be Sisko Islay as she keeps getting lots of attention and when she chases me around the flat she is growling less and teasing me more. I think she has been jealous because Veli Stran has been playing with me all the time, but maybe he is kind enough to bite her too.


Kuovi said...

Those photos of yours always make me smile :) He's so cute and funny :) And I've completely fallen in love with Stran - he's so handsome <3 Punapippuri's and Stran's fur are exactly the same color (at least in photos)! Do you think Punapippuri will look like Stran when he grows up?

Juuso doesn't like sauna at all. It's too hot for him I think... And he HATES water. Bathing him is always a struggle...

Carolyn said...

Treacle is impressed with the hunting skills!

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri has a sauna again yesterday - I cannot understand how he can stay as it is so hot!

Stran's fur is ever so slightly more yellow that Punapippuri's but it is hard to see. I think he will be bigger than Stran when he is an adult - from what I have seen Finnish cats are usually bigger than English ones - particularly the ones that started life on the streets (Stran was a 'feral' cat for his first 18 months and looked very different when he first had a home with me - I will have to find a photo as you will not believe it but his fur was short!).

Give Juuso a tickle from me :)

Kuovi said...

I don't know if finnish cats are bigger than english, but Juuso is quite big compared to other domestic cats... He weighs 7,6 kg. I got him to lose weight by changing his dry food to a light version: before summer he was 8,5 kg and I was a little concerned that it would effect to his health because he's no longer young... He still is a little chubby boy, but he is big boned so even if his weight was normal he would still be quite massive.

I adore Maine Coons and Norwegian forest cats, they seem so majestic. But don't tell Juuso, he'd get jealous ;)