Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Voi voi; Äiti was not happy. This morning I was told I would Sleep Alone if I couldn't sleep in the bed. I was just learning to tell the time by being awake every hour. And then I got tired and fell asleep on Äiti's head. Then I was so tired I crept under the duvet and it was warm and dark and I thought I was in the litter tray, and there was a puddle. Or two, maybe. I do not want to sleep alone tonight so I have been showing Äiti how much I care by using my tray lots - making many smells so she knows I used it proudly. I have been licking her toes and helping her with Paperwork. Veli Stran said Äiti was always doing this in England but does not do much now so when I saw she had some I jumped and skidded and bit and pushed it away so it would be better for her. I do not think it helped. Then I learnt humans have this horrible stuff- kahvia. It's hot hot hot. It's horrible because when a little kitten cat plays jumping and swinging, their tail can dip in it.
My beautiful tail, all shrivelled. It did not taste nice either (Äiti does not have sugar in kahvia). Veli Stran chuckled. I jumped on his head. Hehehehe.

I also jumped on Veli Lewis which was a lovely game. Äiti was happy then as Veli Lewis has never played with catnip. I do not understand 'catnip', and keep being told 'when you're older' by my brothers. I am not sure I want to be older - I might not be able to jump on everyone and bite Äiti's ears so much.

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