Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Veli Stran went to the vet today and he may be very ill. Äiti has said nothing as I think she is very upset but we have been given nice food and I think he will have cuddles. I do not understand really but I think we have to be nice to Veli Stran and we must wait for test results. He had something called a röntgen and it showed his lungs are not good. He also had some blood taken which apparently can help us find out what is wrong. I hate lungs because they are not making him happy. I hate it when my family are ill and unhappy, and I know I am too young to understand.

Äiti's note: hopefully Stran just has an infection which will go away with antibiotic treatment. At the moment he's still my gorgeous fluff.


Catnapped said...

Hopefully Stran is going to better db. Stran seems to be the best brother the world.


Kuovi said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that Stran is ill :( Hopefully he will get better soon! I send a little prayer for him <3

Catio Tales said...


It is a bit of a shock as I did not think he was very ill, just a little bit 'not himself'.

I hope I will know by the weekend what is wrong.

Sirpa said...

Get well soon, Veli Stran!