Wednesday, 26 November 2008

This is a favourite photo from last week. Veli Stran was not really eating me as he is so gentle. Today he has been playing with his fish toy - which I sometimes play with too :). I have been nervous so I did a puddle in the bed but Äiti said nothing. I did let her sleep though - I thought I would sleep further away from her and spent sometime with my Brothers (Äiti does not understand Finnish plurals: Velia, Velit, hehehehe). And when I woke up there was a little pile of sick which Äiti thought was from Veli Stran but it was full of BLACK hair so must have been Veli Harris - unless Veli Stran has been licking someone else's bottom :( Äiti was pleased as she had heard Veli Harris cough a little yesterday. She says I must be combed or I will have horrible furballs too: I am not sure. And Veli Stran ate my breakfast! I do not mind as I went to eat his which was full of yummy kana ja kastike.
Äiti is late going out to hunt; I hope she gets us enough food. She says she wants to be here just a little bit longer to check we are all ok. But Punapippuri of Muhoa Fields is here so of course we will be okay, and I shall fight nasty lungs and furballs and bacteria ja jotain, joka tekee perheeni surullinen.

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