Saturday, 22 November 2008

The things a kitten has to put up with!
I was hiding quite peacefully in a bag and Sisko Islay came and hit me. Now I have caught some terrible eye disease. Veli Harris said it would be quite useful for seeing in the dark. I just think it is scary and I ran around the flat until Veli Stran said it had gone away. It took hours!
I have been doing as the poll suggested (thank you kind readers of the blog of Punapippuri of Muhos fields) and have been trying to sit on Äiti's head but I don't think it will work as she does this to me! This was in a game, but even so it looks like torture and I was not able to twist my head to sink my lovely teeth onto the tasty hand.
And next, I was quietly asleep on a nice dry bed (please take note, no puddles now since Monday!). Then I have to have my tummy tickled and the camera appears again. There is no peace. I am now going to hide in the sauna all afternoon, and hope that it is switched on as it is quite chilly outside and my paw pads could do with a little bit more warmth.


Kuovi said...

I'm up on my feet again after the vet visit yesterday :) It was terrible! I was so nice to the lady there, like a gentleman I greeted her but -can you believe it!- she stabbed me with a needle, to my bottom! I was shocked! And after that I couldn't walk straight for hours, I just slept in my mamma's arms. And I was very hungry, but mamma said she couldn't give me food until I sobered up. But now I'm okay and mamma has bought me some yummy food to appease me :) So it's not so bad, after all...

My mamma also takes pictures of me all the time! It's irritating! I have my own (and partly mamma's) blog too, but unfortunately it's password protected. But if you want to see it mamma could email you the password and the blog's address. You can see mamma's email address at her profile.


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri says:
Oh no. I have only met a nice vet so far and no needles (but Äiti says they make you better which I do not understand). I hope you got lots of lovely food and cuddles and now can play lots.

I will ask Äiti to email as I want to see more pictures. You look a bit like Veli Harris and he is great fun.

Kuovi said...

Mamma has sent you the address and password :)

Mamma has pampered me the whole day and I still get that yummy food :) She says she was worried that I wouldn't eat because my mouth could still be a little sore after that teeth cleaning-operation... Me -not eating?- She's so funny!


Mirka said...


I am now feeling very much home at my new place with Mirka, but she has started to call me DONT.When she wants me to chase the computer mouse, she shouts DONT, Chaomputer mouse and I obey. Then she tells me DONT, Climp up the curtains and again I do as I was told. Today I reached all the way up whre the curtains hang froma and walked up there. I have also eaten all the plants hanging from the ceiling though that one was tough as they were 1,5 m from the ground, but now Mirka is happy as she definately wanted to get rid of them, telling me DONT,KILL the plants. Mirkas english has gone rusty as she also calls me PEST though she must mean I am the BEST!

Maru the New Cat

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes

Hei Maru

You have some good ideas. ;Y favourite at the moment is to use my own mini-scratching post which Äiti actually says is her nicest lamp but is just the right height for me. Then she calls me 'Oi' which might be the same in Finnish and English. I do not hear much Finnish which is not good for my heritage:(

There are no plants here apart from some very ill looking cacti - Sisko Islay has made sure of that. In fact Sisko Islay destroys and knocks over many things, and even Äiti's friends on webcam call her 'trouble'.They just go 'Ahhhhh' when they see me. I can even show them my bottom and they think I am so cute.

Do you bite Mirka's toes?

Sirpa said...

You have lovely shining eyes in a photo.

Don't bite Äiti's toes too much - people don't understand such a behaviour. :D

Weather report is telling about a snow storm - I am so happy that we have warm homes.

Have a nice Sunday Pikku Punapippuri with your brothers and a sister and Äiti!

T: Kollo with Sirpa

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Oh no - lumimyrsky. I am so glad now that Punapippuri of Muhos Fields is now Punapippuri of Metsänkuninkaantie and I am snuggled up by my nice warm Veli Stran.

Let all Finncats be warm and dry today :)

Sirpa said...

I hope that there wouldn't be cats freezing without home - it is snowing
and cold outside.

You are very lucky that you have Veli Stran and he has you. And the other cats and Äiti. :)

T: päiväunia ottava Kollo

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:


Kiitos Kollo! I know I am very very lucky and I have met some lovely people and cats. I will be even luckier if Äiti will feed me some lovely Karelian stew which she is cooking :)

And Juuso, I hope you get lovely food too as it is such a cold day and your mouth might be sore.

T. Punapippuri of Muhos Fields

Mirka said...

Thanks for the hint about toes. I tried that one today when Mirka was balancing with one foot to put her socks on and I had the opportunity to attack from under the bed. The fun did not last for very long and I was left home alone as tellu went out and Mirka and the dog went to see the horses. So I went sulking as up as I could, Which was in top of the bookshelf in the living room and I tried to drop few things from there with no great succes. Now Mirka loves me again as the Dog ate a piece of chicken and has been shitting the living room floor twice today and it was about time to wash the carpet and clean the house anyway!

Love, Maru

Catnapped said...

Punapippuri, you have grown so much during the last week ! You are starting to look like a cat :)

Me and sister Saara are 20 weeks old today and we still visit our mother's nipples. Unforunately there is only one nipple still working :( Mami says that it is high time to close the milk bar, but we don't understand what she means.

I have lost two of my teeth. But I have noticed that there are some new ones growing in their places.

Today the man who lives here bought some flowers to mami. For some reason he was not very happy when sister Saara dropped a bowl containing water and the flowers to the floor. He chased Saara around the house which was quite funny.

Now they seem to be in a normal state, Saara is chasing her mouse again.

Mami slept around the clock. Now we really have to make her pay for that ...

It was so cold outside today that I only stayed there for a minute or two. Usually I stay there at least for half an hour.

made You should not bite Aiti's toes. For some reason humans don't like it. They say that we cats could be very warm and nice "karvarukkaset".


PS: Our mother likes the catnip apple very much. Especially in the middle of the night, when it is quiet and peaceful...