Monday, 24 November 2008

Sisko Islay is such a 'tart' Äiti says. I do not understand this, as tart is kakku and has nice fruit (especially mustikka, yummy) and I would not like to eat Sisko Islay. Here she wants her tummy tickled, which is, apparently, 'tarting'. Veli Lewis is unimpressed.
I have been trying to sit on Äiti's shoulder as that might make her play with me, but she still sits at the computer and works. I am thinking I can leap on the keyboard from here and hit Ctrl Alt Del twice - but Veli Stran says that does not work on Linux. Veli Stran knows everything, except how to speak Finnish which is a shame. He did say something very strange today when I was getting upset that Äiti was not home at 18.00 exactly for my tea. He said she didn't go out to sleep but went to hunt for us - I should take a look in her bag when she gets back as it is usually full of food for us. So long as it not paskamainen kala I don't mind but I wish she would get back earlier as my poor tummy was rumbling tonight.
And that's another thing. Here is Äiti's Finnish book and it is shut again. How will she learn to hunt poro and hirvi and such good things that a growing kitten needs if she never opens the book!? Voi voi. I think tonight maybe I try to play with her a lot and teach her some Finnish sounds. I am fed up with 'miaow' - miau on parempi. And maybe one day when my voice stops squeaking I will be able to do it properly.

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