Thursday, 20 November 2008

Joskus en vain ymmärrä. Only one puddle in 5 days and I was put in the sauna at 1am. Miksi?
I had been patiently waiting for just the right moment when Äiti's foot would stick out from the duvet, and then I pounced (I may have used teeth, I admit that), and she did not like it, picked me up and put me in my bed (which is very nice, by the pillow). But I wanted to play so went into the dark tunnel under the cover and raced to her feet and nipped them again.
She lets me bite her fingers, but somehow when I nibble her toes in the cutest kitten way she does not like it. I was taken to the bathroom with a nearly empty bowl of kitten biscuits and some water. And I was left there. All alone. And with only two toys. By morning my voice was really hurting as I had shouted so much. And I had been lonely so I chased everyone around.
Why did Äiti say she needed to SLEEP ? Afterall, that's what day time is for. She goes out to sleep every day and when she has had enough she comes back. Sometimes this is very late and we are kept waiting for our food until nearly 8pm. Voi voi.


Kuovi said...

Poor little Punapippuri! I can't either understand why people sleep at night... My mamma too isn't so obedient at night when I go and tell her to pet my tummy... It's not nice, a cat has his needs! I do not approve this kind of behavior and I've told it her very emphatically!


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

True true true!

What shall we do? I am still so tiny that Äiti just scoops me up and puts me in sauna. And I am so shocked I do not run away. I am not used to being treated like this. These humans need educating. I shall make very sure when she comes home from a long sleep that she knows that she cannot sleep tonight. It is Thursday and she is always very late then, so she must have had a very lazy day and so will want to play for many hours.....