Saturday, 1 November 2008


I've had a busy busy time, and Äiti says I am growing fast. I am not sure how as Veli Stran and Sisko Islay try to steal my food so I only manage to eat a tiny tiny portion of what I should. I have learnt to shout when Äiti is putting out the food in bowls.
Äiti is a little bit worried about my toilet visits. I just like watching the washing machine work! But I am sorry that there are accidents.Veli Stran is quite enthusiastic too, making sure I am clean. I am not sure I like this so much. And it is not nice to have a picture taken at such a private moment.
I quite like the wild look :)
Aada's Mamma came round last night, and brought me toys and lots of food. I heard all about Aada and her family, and it sounds very nice and warm, sleeping in the sauna, but I do like sleeping here in the bed. Äiti keeps trying to tell me not to bite and lick but until she learns how to say 'stop' or 'don't bite' in Finnish I will not stop. Hehehe.
Veli Stran and I are playing together lots and lots. I think one day I will be bigger then him - then he will not DARE clean my bottom!


Catnapped said...

The man, who is living here, asked if you are cute as you look like in photos. Mamma said no ... I believe you are cuter than photos. I love the toy, thanks for it. I didn't like the mouse, but Saara and Mother are loving it. They are slobbering it wet, yack! I don't like mice, I prefer birds <3.

Love, Aada

ps. Who have told you, that you can weewee when you are standing? You are wrong, everyone is sitting when they take a piss. My Mamma has told it.

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri giggles:


I do sit down when I take a weewee. Trouble, it's on the bed. Then I get to watch the duvet go round and round and round and ......