Sunday, 16 November 2008

Äiti is so happy the bed is dry, and I have managed for nearly whole days! She went to buy me some toys and nice food from Musti ja Mirri. She has told me about some huge cats she saw there as they had a 'cat day' with lots of breed cats and things to buy. I was sad though that she only spent 50€ and some of that was on medicine for Veli Stran's karvapallo.
I spent the day playing and I tried to be friends with Sisko Islay. She has to have the best shelf to see the birds (she never catches any as she has learnt there is a horrible window that stops her), but I tried to get up next to her.
She wouldn't let me. But she did not hiss or growl so I suppose this is an improvement. I do not know if I like girl cats or not. Äiti said she met some lovely girl cats yesterday, and said something about them being neat and tidy, and talking a lot. I do not know what she means! I make lots of miaows when I see the Latz packet and it is not opened fast enough. Only maybe they are very squeaky as everyone laughs at me. One day I shall have a big deep voice and no one will tease Punapippuri of Muhos Fields.

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