Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I have had lots of visitors! Äiti has been here three months and no one except the postman has been, and now I arrive and lots of people come. And they bring pulla!
I wonder if they could make it with yummy lohi ja tonnikala?
I was so excited with playing with lots of new friends I was a little bit sick on Sunday and Äiti was worried (and the toilet was REALLY stinky). I just needed to sleep a lot - until about 4am when I decided to show Äiti I was okay. She went off to work very tired, so I spent the day with Veli Stran and Veli Harris. Sisko Islay hid with Veli Lewis.
When Äiti came back she had two boxes. One was full of a present for ME! (But maybe I let the others share it).
If I am careful I can splash many things. And the water feels funny. Äiti read something about Maine Coon cats (and I look like one of those!) who love to play with water so she bought this fountain. I don't care what type of cat I am (I am Punapippuri of Muhos Fields!) - I just like to PLAY.
In the other box there was something very strange. Veli Stran and the others said hello to it, and told me that 'it' was a tortoise, and older than Äiti (I did not think anything could be ....). Tessie on venäläinen kilpikonna. Voi- venäläinen! I am a Finncat and I hope this Russian visitor will be nice. Veli Stran was cross then and said Tessie was a friend he had been in England with, and Monty's friend, and I should do something called 'respect my elders'. I am not sure what that means.
Still, I said hello to Tessie-Kilpikonna. But I did not get a reply.


Kuovi said...

I'm so addicted to this blog now :D He is so cute and fluffy <3 And so full of life! My cat Juuso is already 13 years old and is quite happy just bossing people around :D A little kitten would be so nice and cute, but because Juuso has been an only cat all of his life I think it would just stress him :( I don't think he could accept another cat at HIS home. He doesn't really like the company of other cats... And a little "baby" would disturb his naps and peaceful life :D So I've promised him that he'll be my only one <3

Catio Tales said...

A little baby is so demanding too and your beautiful Juuso is The Boss.
All my English cats had very sad lives and are not confident: they accepted each other quite well as they had come from worse places. Islay is having trouble with Punapippuri but will learn that her Äiti loves her still just as much.

But Punapippuri is proud he has people reading his blog (he is in the middle of his food bowl right now so cannot come to type!).