Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I had a lovely evening with Veli Stran. We played boxing and chase and biting ears. Sisko Islay joined in the chasing but growled when she got close. She is playing with me more and not stealing all my food so maybe girl cats are not too bad after all.
But I played so much that I slept a lot. It is fair that I get the biggest part of the bed as I am Punapippuri of Muhos Fields and it is a Finnish flag cushion. When I woke up by lots of orange fluff I thought I was with my mamma cat and Veli Stran did not like it when I tried to bite his belly. I am too grown up for that now, but I do miss it. I bite Äiti's hand and try to suck but it just tastes of funny things like Latz packets and washing powder.
As I had a lovely long sleep I wanted to play all night. At 3am I was shut in the bathroom which was not fun and not fair. After an hour or so Äiti was kind and let me back to the bedroom because I had promised not to bite her toes. And I did not - for at least ten minutes when I forgot my promise. Voi voi.
So this morning I helped with the sweeping. I also helped clean the litter trays by making sure they were really dirty. but maybe I should have done that after she had put the litter back in them.

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