Sunday, 30 November 2008

I feel I have done a lot of growing up in the last week, and I am now a young cat. My eyes are now a lovely colour, not baby blue, and my body is not as tubby like a young kitten cat. I am becoming a lean mean killing machine, and will be a wonderful protector of my family.
But then Äiti bought me something new- she noticed that I still try to suck, so she bought me this lovely bottle which is just ace!
Even Sisko Islay wanted some but I told her not to! Veli Lewis muttered something about being all grown up then, but he can talk - Äiti says he is getting younger by the day.
I want to thank my faithful fans who read the humble words of Punapippuri of Muhos Fields. I have been taking advice following the latest poll. I did indeed pee the bed once and this did not get more play so that was a silly idea (and Äiti thinks she knows who voted for that one). I sat on her head a few times and got moved, but the winning suggestion did work. I have waited patiently like a good cat and, when Äiti has woken up (sometimes with a little help) after a few hours of snoring away, I have had lots of playtime. So I think these polls are good and my loyal fans are very clever people.
So now I have a Very Important question in the poll. I do not understand it but my brothers all said it was a very serious matter. Apparently I have two little parts of my body that will make me into a Big Man Cat; now my brothers are not Big Men Cat and they are happy and say they are best (Veli Harris and Lewis say they never wanted the responsibility of kittens anyway: Veli Stran goes quiet as I think he was a Big Man Cat at some point). Sisko Islay is very sure she doesn't want to live with a Big Man Cat even though she can never be a mummy cat. So I know at some point these parts of me (which I cannot see yet) will have to be removed. Yes, Punapippuri of Muhos Fields will have to say farewell to his pieniä palloja. But when? Äiti had thought 'the sooner the better' but apparently I will grow bigger if I keep them longer, and ystävämme eläinlääkäri said at 8 months at earliest (unless I start to smell - euch - I hope not). But I might quite like them by then ? Voi voi. What do I do?

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Mirka said...

Hö, Eikö mitään uutta? Onko pikku Punapippuri sairastunut vai suljettu saunaan?

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