Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I did play a lot over night and of course Äiti was not happy. She has also said I need to learn to wash behind my ears and is going to comb me again. I do not like this. Veli Stran comes to Äiti for combing and brushing but Sisko Islay runs away. Veli Stran had belly ache I think - I wish he would hurry up and make this furball so he enjoys playing again.
Äiti says we have a visitor staying later in the week so has moved one of our toilets. I hope I will be able to find it in time. I still of course have my own private en suite by Äiti's bed and I use it loudly to let her know I am not making silent puddles. I have been 'dry' for a week now so we are all very pleased and have had lots of games of chase to celebrate.

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Kuovi said...

Awww... What a lovely photo <3

By the way: did you notice that I had some photos of those fields where Punapippuri was found in my blog?