Saturday, 15 November 2008

Hmmm, Karvinen. Can I learn things?

Äiti was happy today as she had no washing to do; she cleaned the floor instead so I had a game with the sweeping brush. Veli Stran is coughing - we are waiting for something called a Fur Ball. Maybe I can play with it as it is a ball and furry. Oh, Äiti says no. Miksi ei?


Carolyn said...

Well done for learning bladder control Punapippuri! You must be growing up - obviously you paid attention when I had words with you.

I'm not so happy about Treacle though, who woke up her mummy in the middle of the night by producing a (smelly) pile of sick. Not quite a furball but just as unappealing to play with!

What is Karvinen? Google has let me down.

Have a lovely weekend and tell your mummy and brothers and sister to do the same!

Catio Tales said...

Kuka on Karvinen ? Voi voi! Täti menee 'Kuvahaku' (where you find pictures), search 'karvinen'. Hehehehe