Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hei! I am having a lazy Sunday while Äiti yrittän opiskellee Soumeen (se on vitsi!). So, having been a good boy all night I have been allowed to blog my favourite pictures from the last few days. I am glad Äiti has many cameras as Sisko Islay spilled fizzy drink over one. There is no photo of her as she just growls at me.
Tessie-kilpikonna has been awake and eating. Hän syöt vain salaattia. Silloin tällöin porkanaa. Voi voi. Veli Harrisilla on pitkä kynsia.
Veli Lewisilla on iso punanainen kissanmintuomena. I can write long words for a little kitten. And I have a lovely smile - kaunis hymy!
Missä on minun ihana kala?
Veli Stran, haluisin pestä sinun korva - ehkä yritän ei pure sinua!
No niin! Olen väsynyt. Sitten minä nukkun päivällä koska haluan leikkiä ja hypätä ja purema koko yön. Olla kissa on paras!


Kuovi said...

Sinulla on TODELLA kaunis hymy :)

My Juuso doesn't usually look like he's smiling at all, he mostly looks really pissed off :D Except when he gets one of his tender moments: then he growls softly, rubs his nose against mine and begins to drool :D Next he thumps beside me and demands me to pet his tummy :)

Catio Tales said...

Cats smile inside, I think. Monty was a cat who never showed his feelings, until he got to purring away. But even then he could switch off very fast.
Kittens just have smiley faces, and Punapippuri seems to have very happy expressions. Sometimes he is a little too pleased with himself I think.....