Thursday, 23 October 2008

Yesterday was exhausting! I met my brothers and sister. SHE is hissy and not so nice. Her name is Islay which is very strange to read and doesn't sound like it should: should 'Aila'. I think she wanted my fish toy but she cannot have it: se on minun! Minun kala!
My brothers also hissed but Monty seems kind and I must always thank him because it was his vet visit that got me a home. He is not well too and must go to see ystävämme eläinlääkäri again today.
ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖP As you can see I like playing on the keyboard! Äiti told me that there were better places to wash though and I should be careful of electricity.....
Veli Stran looks lovely and comfortable. I wonder if he might be my isä but everyone laughed at that. I hope he will be my friend and we can play fish games together.
I am the size of his tail but I cannot fit under him as he has a big fluffy tummy!
My tummy is getting less tight so I think the nasty worms I have had are going. My fur feels better too but I am not sure I like being combed. Must go off to explore now......

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