Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Well, this is all a bit different from walking the streets yesterday. I cannot remember what happened before then but now I am warm, have food and Äiti seems to be nice. I didn't like it when she brushed my chin, but now I do feel better as my fur is not knotted. She gives me food and plays with me (I like biting her toes!).
I was locked in a room all night, but the radio was on (my English is now very good as it was the World Service: I must be a very important cat to be listening to that!). I could hear my family outside and I am a bit worried about meeting them, but have been practicing being big and strong with my new toy.
My tummy is still a bit big and swollen but that does not stop me eating yummy food. Äiti was so pleased I found the litter tray - I cannot think why as every decent kitten knows what to do and where to go! Humans are silly. Silly that she left the light on too at night! It is all very tiring though and sometimes I do just need a little snooze.


Carolyn said...

Hei Punapippuri!

Lovely to see that Stran has taught you his way of "sitting" already! Hope you settle in well to the family.

Love from täti Carolyn xx

Catio Tales said...

Pikku Punapippuri says 'Veli Stran will teach me lots I think. We have already been sniffing together :) He has told me that I must be careful as I have many 'curly bits'.'