Monday, 27 October 2008

Veli Monty is no longer here and Äiti has been very sad. He was not well and Äiti tried to explain that sometimes humans have to do some very hard things to stop pain, and now he will be chasing string and eating lihapullat ja lohi whenever he wants. I do not understand but Veli Stran says I am young and must play and enjoy life. after all we only have 9 of them. Everyone has been playing with me more and that has been fun. I have been running faster and my claws are getting stronger (Äiti was not happy when I made marks on her knee as I slid down it). I am also enjoying chewing things too.
And today was very strange too: Äiti disappeared early and came back late. The others have said it is like that for 5 days and then for 2 she is here, and sometimes we are lucky and she is here more. It is something to do with earning money so we can have food so I guess it is important she goes out but it was boring. I did lots of sleeping and cuddling my fish.
And when he was awake I played with Veli Stran. My other brothers (Harris and Lewis) are very frightened at times and even though they are big adult cats they are wimps! They were kept in a shed for 4 years with only food and no play so it is hard for them. Äiti is so happy when Veli Harris plays with me. I wish he wouldn't run away so much though!

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