Saturday, 25 October 2008

Today Veli Stran and I played chase so I have had to sleep and eat a lot to keep my energy up. Sisko Islay only hissed at me twice and she tried to play too. But I think she is jealous as she is no longer the baby of the family!
Veli Monty let me eat from his bowl, and I could not help hitting his tail when he was asleep but he was really good and did not smack me. He has been telling me stories of what it was like living on the streets in a faraway place called Bristol in England. I was only outside for a short time - he was sleeping rough for at least a year before he got really thin (even thinner than he is now) and his fur was falling out and he got taken to a place to make him better, and then he went to a nice home with Äiti. And then he and all the others went on two huge planes to become Finncats here in Oulu. He says in England there are hundreds of poor cats and kittens on the streets and they are treated very badly with no food and even horrid people who shoot them (Veli Stran was shot but he never talks about it). I would not like to be there. I am pleased to be here with lots of food, and toys, and hands and feet to bite. I could always have more food though - sometimes Äiti doesn't listen everytime I want a new pouch of Latz.

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