Friday, 24 October 2008

Äiti let me out of my 'prison' at 6am when I began yelling (I do not often make a sound),so I came out and played. Sisko Islay even tried to play a bit but Veli Stran is best but he has big paws so I must be careful.

Totta kai, paras on Äiti!

Today Äiti went to buy lots of food. She went to Musti ja Mirri - she had not been there before. Voi voi. Who has not heard of them!? She spent lots of euros and came home telling us we must be good if we were going to get a huge cat castle. I think she should get it soon before the others are too fat and old to climb! Hehehehe.
She says she has bought me special food too, but said I had to be good or I would go to the chocolate factory. Minä en ymmarrä.....


Catnapped said...

Hi Punapippuri,

My name is Aada, I'm almost 4 months old girl kitten. You look very handsome ;)
My Mamma orders our food from Zooplus. She has told us (I'm living with my mother and one sister) catfood is cheaper there. I believe that Mamma is just lazy and likes the postman, who brings our food here.

Love from Aada

Catio Tales said...

Punapippurie said:
Hei kiitos paljon! Äiti must visit the website! There are lots of TOYS!
Where do you live Aada ? Have you a photo?

Catnapped said...

Hi, we are living in Oulu with Mamma and one Man, who takes me to walk around garden.

There is lots of toys and scratching posts and they have rewards program where you can get toys, food and scratching posts FREE! Mamma is little bit simple and she didn't notice that we have enough points to order a scratching barrel. She just ordered lots, lots and lots of food, no toys at all. Now we have to wait until January to get our barrel. It sucks!

By the way, Mamma ordered us Applaws Kitten Chicken Breast as a delicacy, she tought to save little bit money ... We won't eat it, we want to have Almo Natural chicken and cheese. So there is 17 cans left. If you wish to have these, my Mamma will give you them free.


Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri says:
Hei hei hei
The website is great. Lots of trees, toys and the food.

Kitten food sounds yummy - especially as my brothers and sister try to eat MY food. But you would have to have TOYS as payment as I could not have the food for free :)
Can you tell your Mamma to email mine: karincparker then at googlemail . That would be so nice. It is great to know another kitten in Oulu: Äiti is new to the city and does not know many cat people yet - and her Finnish is really poor....

Catnapped said...

Mamma sent email to your Aiti :)