Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I was a little upset in the night as I was asleep on Äiti and she moved, and I made a puddle as I was surprised. It is very embarrassing for a kitten-cat to do this but I still got a cuddle. And this morning Äiti did not go to 'work' (which she also calls 'school' - that is funny - I thought she was grown up so why go to school - I guess it must be to learn Finnish as she is so bad at rolling her 'r's). So I helped her work here. I chased her fingers as she typed and then she stopped! I tried to kill the thing called 'mouse' because that is what we cats must do. She told me that if we lived in England that she would be away longer and could not work so much at home,and when she was home she would be tired. I do not like the sound of this England place.
It was a long time before Äiti came back tonight so I was really hungry! I had had a good long sleep so now I'm going to play all night!!!!!!!

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