Thursday, 23 October 2008

I have had another busy, busy day. Luckily I have had at least five sleeps in between lots of exploring. Veli Stran has been good to me and we have even been playing a bit. But I like more to follow Äiti. She shut the door on me when she disappeared into a very hot room and said it wasn't safe for me. I wonder why? Islay told me she often goes in there and it is only for Big Cats. Well one day I will be bigger than her!
Monty cat has bad kidneys so I have decided he can eat my food.
Veli Harris has just come to see me and has attacked the arm of the sofa (Äiti is not happy as there is a huge 'scratching post' right by it - but I think Harris can teach me many things). Harris is very shy apparently but he really stared at me and didn't hiss which was good. I will like him if he doesn't steal my fish toy and keeps showing me fun things to do.
I also learnt some physics by following a 'laser' light. I thought it was pretty and I was tired after running around a lot. There are also lots of little mice to chase here, but they don't move until you hit them. I also played on the computer and showed my tummy to
Äiti's friends in England. I do not know why they like my curly fur so much - but I suppose I am very proud of my fluff. They say I am the fluffiest kitten they have ever seen, and maybe even I was a 'tribble'. I think maybe 'trouble'. Hehe.

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