Saturday, 18 April 2015

Saturday Sequence

The yellow blankie on Äiti's bed is a most excellent play ground.
Seppo and Mesi are great playmates. 
They try to out-snorgle each other.
Paws fly everywhere.
Seppo doesn't seem bothered by those girlcat claws.
Just look at that belly - it is begging for a pokey paw.
 Oooh, the tailio floof! 
And the snorgle is full on!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday Frenzy

The Big Visit continues! My goodness, this is so exhausting and exciting. Äiti has caught the tie-dyeitis as you can see. And Mirsku has been all over the place with his flat May Ling. She had decided it would be far too forward for the girlcat to come to the mighty mountain of muscle, so sent an ambassador. Even this was too much for him and he demanded both a spanking and a scritching in order to cope with his excitement.
And I was after some fine Finnish fish from Äiti. We had a lovely time on the catio and are most impressed with the variety of food that is on offer. There is an organic leg of lamb up for slow roasting tomorrow - less a few bits we were able to blag for ourselves, hehehehehe.
Now we admit we are having struggles keeping up with blogging as there is so much to do here, and we are keeping Mom Trish very busy: she is entertaining us at night as we clump round her bed. Mesi accompanied her in the sauna - she didn't like it as hot as Äiti does (she's not quite Finnish enough yet). She gave Seppo a bath yesterday too - with no blood shed. All is going very well here and we are in very safe hands when Äiti has her op tomorrow. We're not so sure how regular the blog will be in the next couple of days so please, Loyal Readers, do not worry if there is no post. We think Äiti will be home on Monday after having a pound or so of flesh removed.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


So, we have had loads of excitement here. Who was the first to defect to Mom Trish's bed ? Well, actually there were many of us! Äiti was alone most of the night. Jura was her only visitor. And then, while Äiti was at work, this photo appeared on facebook. We are relaxing. I am in prime place, above Pekka.
Now Äiti was green with envy. She feels betrayed - her best orange boys are on someone else. But, Loyal Readers, what else should she expect ? She goes off to work and we are abandoned - of course we are going to mitten, snooze, wash and otherwise entertain our visitor. It serves her right.

Now, we do apologise that we have not updated on Mirsku and May Ling and toys and all sorts of stuffs, but we have been so busy entertaining it has been hard to blog. It is so darn exciting. OOP has been well worth it and we all love Mom Trish.  Äiti is just not such fun and we'll cope with her absence absolutely fine.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


We have had a stressful 24 hours with a stirke cancelling the internal flights on which Mom Trish was booked, but  Äiti ensured that she arrived in Finland(N). And I made sure I kept an eye on flight tracker - here her plane is waiting to take off at Helsinki Vantaa.  
She arrived safely, and I have to tell you that there was great excitement. There was HUGE excitement to be honest as we have been building up to this for months. In fact there was so much fun that the ONLY toy we played with was a paper bag! Äiti says the rest can wait until tomorrow - which to be fair is okay by us as we were chasing around all over the place.
Afterall, some of us had to show just how okay we were with a visitor (this is highly unusual from King P, Äiti).
We promise there will be more photos and information tomorrow but right now Mom Trish is exhausted - she has been up and energetic for 30 hours and needs to sleep. Äiti also needs to rest as she has been sleepless herself.
But, we must just point out that Mirsku welcomed Mom Trish by sticking his butt in the air for a spanking on the catio. Shameless.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Today is T-day; yes, later today Mom Trish is landing. But will May Ling be in her suitcase?