Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Not quite Toesday

Sampo is not prepared to share his toesies - but his claws are in good condition.
And so is his fur - that's down to all the salmon he swallows. We're surprised he doesn't have scales.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Midday Monday

We managed to boot Äiti off her butt for a short time yesterday, as something rare took place: the sun was visible. She went out at midday and got a photo. Previously it has been behind clouds. Now we do not have 100% darkness on any day of the year but right now our wonderful star only creeps above the horizon for a few hours a day even in this far south of Finland (N).
Just as well we don't live in Utsjoki - next sun rise on January 16th!  This time is called 'kaamos' which is the winter darkness.
Now we won't get sun puddles on the catio for another couple of months so instead we have a bright lamp to help. And we make the most of it of course.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Spinny Sunday

Loyal Readers, over the last couple of weeks I have had to do some serious work for Äiti; I have had to nurse her and make sure she does not fall over. I have had, on numerous occasions, to pin her to the sofa. Pekka has assisted.  She says this photo kind of shows what she sees when she feels wobbly- which is good because I am still in focus. Priorities!
Now we were grateful for the comments made when we spilled that Äiti has Meniere's Disease, and Äiti knows that if she can get fitter it would help, and also she knows she does not have the awful vertigo which leads many sufferers to be housebound, vomiting a lot. It is an illness that is invisible but really can rob people of their lives. Sure, it's not fatal, but it is random and degenerative. Some people only get a few attacks, others have it continually.  She has been very lucky with this herself so far, and hopes this continues, but she does feel seasick a lot and needs to rest. She also wishes that this Meniere thing would stop fogging her brain and making her incapable of remembering stuff (don't worry, we have not let her forget our foods). She is currently able to work but needs the sofa nearly as much as we do when she is home! So she says that she may not be able to do a daily post always, as she is having to take things easy and we hope you will not mind this too much. She's not taking many photos -now this is how we know she is sick! But I will do my best to lick her into shape - literally.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Saturday Slumbers

As I was evicted from my green beddie, I took up the majority of Äiti's! There was plenty of space for my curly bits to breathe and for me to curl my toes. Now for those of you who wish to snorgle, the average waiting time in päivystys (that's A&E or ER here) is about 5 hours on a Saturday as you would find out for yourself.......
So, in order to make up for that disappointment, I have posted this portrait which Äiti currently has as her facebook profile picture. Not a bad choice methinks.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday Lepidoptery

 Way back when Mom Trish visited, she asked our Artist in Residence Petra Kaminen Mosher to do a commission for Äiti. Well, here it is! May Ling, aka Mothra! Äiti was delighted: this is one of her favourite images of the tortie meezer who woos Mirsku from afar.
Mirsku decided that imitation was the best form of flattery. And being flat was also flattery, of course.
So he caught the huge orange butterfly - now he just wonders what to do with it.
So he doesn't wonder for long!