Friday, 28 April 2017

Friday Flash

It's Friday! The weekend beckons. But that is not the reason for Mirsku's joyful spin and most revealing exposure. Poor Mesi doesn't know where to look. 
So why was Mirsku break dancing over the Catio ?

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Tasty Thursday

My apologies for Äiti's blurry photos, but we had to show that Ruska - representing us mancats - is also capable of tackling the terrible torture device that holds treats.
 He made a suitable comment to the camera about it!
Jura had an alternative approach - he held the whole board in his mouth....
...and lifted it up.
When it dropped back down, many treats were made loosened from their vile prisons. Smart, eh ?
And Äiti says I must post an update on Veikko, and thank Loyal Readers for their good wishes (and Flynn, she says that she does not think the perpetrator feels guilty at all....). Well, Veikko has had his bandage removed and the wound from the lancing has healed very well. He is keeping his distance from me - I cannot think why.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wounded Wednesday

Now, I have been told to pick my words carefully as apparently I may be to blame for this whole, erm, incident. Innocent until proven guilty, I say. Pöh. So, on Monday morning I may have really leapt on Veikko who was quietly sleeping. I may have been a bit snarky with him for a while. He may have been bitten a week or so ago. On Monday evening Äiti came home to find Veikko had grown a hump, as shown.
Yes, it was horrendous, and he was not happy. While waiting for  ystävämme eläinlääkäri to call, the feverish nekkid sat in the sauna getting a cuddle. Note he wasn't sick enough to forget how to do the stinkeye. Well, he was whisked off to the clinic and sorted out. He had a humungous abscess which made a very icky mess; apparently some kitty bit him. He felt immediately better having erupted pus all over Äiti, and was very brave about the whole thing. He has also tolerated his bandage, which has a rather cool design on it.

He has been dosed up on painkillers and antibiotics, and was feeling much better the next morning. He also got to sleep in the bedroom with Äiti while everyone else was exiled. Mirsku has volunteered his snuggle services.
And his nekkid buddy has also been providing comfort.
For some reason I have not been invited to join them. Apparently ystävämme eläinlääkäri says that we can blame kevät (spring) for all this biting and snarkiness. I like this idea since it means it is not my fault. Äiti, however, is not convinced. 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tuesday Treat Torment

Last Thursday, Äiti went to Finland(S) to pass my greetings to the sneaky girlcats at When the cat is away. She returned with a gift which Tessa and Kajsa were apparently not intelligent enough to work out. This 'feeder' has treats hidden under the pegs. Aila realised this fast.
And easily removed the pegs..... order to get the treats.
It took approximately a minute. We would like to thank Tessa and Kajsa for their intellectually taxing gift, hehehehe.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Mesi Monday

Every part of the Castle gets inspected by the Felociraptors. Äiti was shocked to see Mesi crouched on the highest bough, luckily under the Catio wire still!

She had climbed up and decided it was a fine perch on which to do her impression of orava.
None of us felt like going up to join her, and as soon as the treat tin rattled she was down safely.