Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday Surprise

On Friday night, Äiti set up the GoPro to test out some new arrangement she had thought of, and look who she caught coming visiting!
And this is the sequence she shot, from about 5pm until 10am. It's available as a video here too.
Now if only jänis could squeeze through the Catio wires, we'd be very happy - we have heard they taste yummy. he is, however, pretty big so we might have to be tactical in our hunting. Any suggestions?

And we thank you, Loyal Readers, for the wonderful comments on the painting we revealed, Fiendish Finnish Felines Midsummer Madness. Äiti did liaise closely with the artist, Tamsin Lord. She made a video of us and also sent on lots of photos, and through several emails Tamsin got to know a few details in the story of life here. And we guess she did read bit of the bloggie too. Äiti did tell her the origin of the polliwogs, and also asked that a furry bit of Seppo be included, hehehe. Tamsin had never painted nekkids before and I am extremely proud that perheeni took the honour of being her first sphynxies. And as soon as Äiti saw the portrait she said there has to be a winter version, so she will be taking lots of photos preparing for that.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Saturday Art - Fiendish Finnish Felines

Loyal Readers, I am utterly delighted to present to you our latest commission for the Castle walls. Just look at this masterpiece!
It is called Fiendish Finnish Felines' Midsummer Madness and has been created by British artist Tamsin Lord. Now this is not the usual style that we opt for but Äiti was intrigued by the representation of characters that Tamsin uses, and she decided to have some of us immortalised in this way. Originally she wanted 5 of us in the painting but just couldn't choose, so another feline slipped in!

And there is so much detail! I am of course in my senior position, at the top and with the flag of Finland by me. I am looking very much like the king I am, and feel this is a good representation of my noble self. And Mesi is looking all innocent (yeah right) and Aila is looking as stroppy and stinkeyed as she does in reality. Well captured there! Mirsku has his butt in the air while going for the sphynixie tailios, just as he does whenever he can. And Veikko is glued to the deck covered in polliwogs. And just see how much has been included that is part of our Catio world - polliwogs, Tessie, Evil Squirrel, Poo Corner, the snack dispenser, kissanminttu etc. We are amazed! Just look at the details on those wrinkly nekkids - including Seppo's hobbit toes and other furry bits, hehehehe.

As soon as Äiti saw it she loved the painting, and immediately put herself back on the waiting list for the next painting, which will be a midwinter scene.

We wish to thank Tamsin and urge you to check her Fiendish Feline site or facebook page. She is amazing at capturing our characters in such a unique style.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Mucked up Focusing

The other day I was dashing around in the snows. Äiti was too slow with the camera and only got these blurry photos but I hope you can see how much fun I was having.
She thought I might have heard a mousie under the snow as I was digging away and leaping, with my tailio all alert and proud.
Sadly there was no mousie, but I did whap a very big snowball into touch. The area I dug is just to the right of the tunnel. As you can see, it's getting pretty dark already by 3pm!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Thankful Thursday

The other day Äiti came home from work with a gift, for us! From one of her workmates. Oh yes, she has the  bestest colleagues! We noticed the present immediately, and it had to be hidden away as apparently it is time sensitive and should not have been pillaged before December 1st.
Yes, a treat calendar for us kitties, for December!  However it has caused my good self a little consternation: observe the 'Good Girl' label. I was just about to write a complaint to the manufacturers when Äiti also pointed out the far more significant logo on the right....
Oh yes, the British Royal Crest! So I can perhaps forgive the foolish mistake that was clearly made seeing as these treats are clearly destined for royalty, like my noble self. And Mesi may give the stinkeye, but she's not hogging them all!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016