Friday, 14 July 2017

The Last Post

This will most likely be the last post from this blog, as the new one is now launched.
Loyal Readers, you will find perheemme at CATIO TALES.

There's a Catio Tales page on facebook, and also @Catiotales on Twitter.

This blog will stay up but I think I'll disable comments (if I can), and no doubt I will link to it from the new blog. When Puna died, I just knew I could not continue with a blog in his name - it just did not feel right for me.  His voice and character were the essence of this blog.  So this is why there's a new one.  It's a work in progress of course, and I have no idea which cat will contribute what.

And this marks a new regime; Finland(N) is no longer a monarchy. It is a felocracy. Governed by felines (of course).  The throne has gone - probably because it was so heavily peemailed none of the gang wanted it.  Actually for a long time (since Stran left us) there has been no single 'Top Cat'. Aila and Jaava will always get first dibs the the food, but when it comes to being the boss in behaviour, Sampo and Ruska are the two who will attempt to be in charge but no clear leader emerges. King P wanted to be the boss but was too small to actually achieve it, and also too unpredictable in his hissy fits. Mirsku could easily be the boss, but is too chilled to be bothered. So as we get used to being a gang of 12 (G-12 as Spitty is now calling us), there's no clear leader and therefore a felocracy it is.

Thank you again, for all the support and I hope you will join us on the new blog. The photos and the stories will continue there as we enter a new Era, but our first post is a bit different.  I hope Punapippuri would approve.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Thank you

Äiti here: I had not thought about posting until the new blog had taken shape, but have just been so overcome by the messages of condolence I've received that I wanted to thank you so much. They have really helped. And I had not realised just how loved my bratty little mancat was by so many people. I've cried so much reading the many comments, my facebook messages and also emails and cards by post. I am deeply touched by the fact other bloggers have paid tribute to him on their own blogs. Thank you all.

I am grieving my wonderful little guy, and feel great sadness watching the rest of perheemme settle into their new 'hierarchy'. I am happy they are more relaxed - Punapippuri was pretty unpredictable at times and that stress is gone. I am also touched by how affectionate they are being to me, and that's not just at feeding times.

I am also grieving the loss of the voice of Punapippuri in his blog - and his regular missives to a certain Spitty the Kitty. They were best buddies.  Blogging has bought me so much - so many real friends within a virtual world - and I want to carry this on, but also honour the End of an Era by changing the things that need changing, but keeping the other stuff the same. The new blog is taking shape, and I'll send the link as soon as I feel able.

Tributes on the blogospheres - I am blown away by these as I am so bad at making comments elsewhere, and yet these posts were written by Loyal Readers. Thank you!

Spitty the Kitty
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My apologies if I missed yours - please let me know.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Farewell, My King

Punapippuri, King Kitty Cat of Finland(N)

September 2008 - 6 July 2017

Nuku hyvin, pikku rohkea mieheni

Äiti: With a very heavy heart I have to pass on this sad news.  The surgery on Punapippuri's stomach revealed extensive aggressive tumours and he is now at peace. Please, as soon as you can move through the shock, celebrate his life and feel joy for what he shared with us. He brought me friends from across the world and enriched my small life far more than I could ever have imagined.  Here in his Kingdom he gave me so much love and attitude, in his wonderful sassy, tailio swishing way. In particular in the last week - as I knew he was fighting something - he gave me so very much.

Please, Loyal Readers, feast on fine lohi and raise your glass to him with a smile; a life like his must be celebrated. I want the happy memories to live on - his peemails certainly will.

About 8 years ago I visited ystävämme eläinlääkäri for the first time and by coincidence a pikku pentu had been left there, having been found wandering lonely in Muhos fields.  That was the greatest gift I was ever given, and I thank everyone at Lemmikki for their care and love for this bratty boy until the end.  He will be missed beyond words and I want to think he is with Stran, his best buddy. And now my two best buddies together. We have 24 hour daylight still here so it will be a while before I can look for  their dancing tails in the revontulet. 

I need to take a break with this blog which I know you will understand. But there will be a blog of some sort soon, when I sort out my thoughts. It will have a new address and I'll let you know here when it's ready.

Fare thee well, Pipster. Love you, little guy. 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Floof Tail Friday

Mesi vs. Veikko, part the Fourth (and final)
And so the tussle ended, with Veikko now attentive and Mesi's tailio floofed.
 Extremely floofed. 
Veikko held his ground while Seppo spotted Ruska out of shot and decided he needed to sneak away.
Mesi however had to work out how to slink away with dignity.
And that's when the memory card was full! A victory to Veikko, wethinks.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Thursday Tussle

Mesi vs. Veikko, Part the Third
Mesi finally ran out of patience. Veikko was ready.
Observe those claws! And they nearly pushed the shelves off the wall.
Mesi is small but fast.
But Veikko has the upper paw.