Friday, 6 March 2015

Farm Cat Friday

The farm in Finalnd(E) is guarded by Mosse and Rolle, two big ginger mancats who make sure all is well in the eastern lands. They are mighty mousers and most handsome. Their coats are thick and they stay outside at night - because they want to. They shelter in the straw in the barn. This is Rolle.
And they are very curious about visitors -Äiti's car was inspected and sniffed carefully. Here is Mosse.
But they are a huge part of the family and they eat inside, and play a little with the kittens. This is a bad photo but it shows a floofy tail of greeting!
Now we think they have a fantastic life - farm cats do. There is no main road for many miles and the next nearest neighbour is over 1km away. No catio for these guys - they have their very own kingdom to patrol.
We have all been invited to visit the farm - it would be very disruptive for us to go: what a shame! We shall just have to be correspondents from afar.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Thursday Trip Report

So, for what cause was this Great Abandonment ? Well, Äiti went to Ilomantsi, Finland (E) to visit Great Uncle Sampo and Aunt Mesi's nephews and niece. This is about a 6 hour drive, in icky weather but Äiti wated to visit the squablets while at their cutest age. Here they are - 7 weeks old and clearly plotting mischief!
Meet Mr & Mrs Brown and their blue kittens! Hehehehe - genetics has a sense of humour. They are little smurfs. Actually they are called Camry (white collar), Carina (middle) and Corona (black collar). Nippe is still providing milk and Pepe is the most attentive daddy cat: he has a very modern paws-on approach and has been involved in their development at all stages - including the single night with Nippe when she was yelling loudly from behind a closed door, blocked off with a heavy bag. Nothing gets in the way of a girlcat on heat!
They are such a fantastic group. Needless to say Äiti has about four thousand photos and more will follow. But she also came home without leaving a deposit or saying they will join perheeni. Phew! She says we are perfect as we are and having one or two little blue ninjas running around will disturb the calm.
Here is where this wonderful family lives at the Purmelita's cattery. The weather was poor but there is a dairy farm and a lake. It is isolated and beautiful and Äiti hopes to visit again in summer.
And here is what she did come home with: fresh milk, straight from the cows that very morning. It was delicious and much enjoyed. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

We waited and waited.....

We have had Great Abandonment. We have only had each other for comfort. Well, except for a diligent cat sitter who was most attentive. But it was not the same as when Äiti is home. Seppo even went ginger for a while, nestling in my tailio.
But Äiti has returned from her trek to Finland (East) and we will have a full report of all her adventures tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tuesday Tootsies

Mirksu and Mesi seem to have their feet everywhere. Methinks Mirsku has a bit of a soft spot for dark torties.

Monday, 2 March 2015


So, Operation Declutter continues, and Äiti was sorting our Toy Box. This houses the 'overspill' from the toy drawer. I was so pleased to investigate the box, and Mesi had her first look at it since she arrived.
Sampo selected a toy he wanted to keep.
And this is MY squirrel. No one is going to declutter him. Pöh.
Now Äiti did remove some toys, but only those that were still in wrappers and had not been touched by us. She wanted to pass them on to less fortunate kitties who have fewer mice and balls and dangly toys. She made sure only to take those we had not played with as she is careful to not pass on bacteria and viruses from perheeni. We like our own bacteria and viruses thank you and sharing of them is not allowed!
We thank Mommy at Angel Prancer Pie for an idea that Äiti might just go for: 10 minutes a day tidying for 30 days! She still will not be be able to defur the place but she will give it a try.