Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday Snacking

Äiti was very pleased with herself when she found this tray in the sale at the supermarket. She thought it would be most excellent for us to share some delicious dried foods from it. And of course she spotted the opportunity to fix the GoPro above the bowl. This is at the start of about 5000 photos as we feasted. 
The sequence will be posted as a video in the next few days, but can any of you spot some flaws in Äiti's thinking about how wonderful this bargain was ?

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Snow-wee Saturday

Some of perheeni are very keen to make the most of the Great Outdoors. 
Mirsku is on a mission. he is not too impressed by the fact Äiti is taking photos but this mancat has great tolerance.
However he doesn't want to hang around with his bits getting frozen to the ground so he moves to a more temperate zone and makes his position clear.
So, no golden glacier yet!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday Fun

Well, I know we are being made to work for our treats here, but even so it's great fun with all these boxes. 
Here's  to the weekend!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Tropical Thursday

Loyal Readers, I thank you for your suggestions about the trauma of brushing me. *Shudder* Luckily I have no mats, but it's the loose stuff that is the problem and right now Äiti is grabbing me at every opportunity to go at me. I did briefly stick my butt in the air in delight for the Furminator so apparently she will use that.  But I assure you there have been bloods from Äiti, hehehehe. We thank you for your support.
Now yesterday a wonderful sight appeared on the catio - direct sunlight. Okay, it may have been -4°C but this was too good an opportunity to miss. Surely you agree this is inviting ? Maybe not. 
But you can guess who was out first. Trust a nekkid to seek the sun. But he was disappointed, it was not exactly strong or warming!
Mesi soon replaced him - and the proof it was in fact sunny is in her shadow!
Now we wish to reassure a special Loyal Reader,  Kari, that when the nekkids do go out, Äiti makes sure they are safe and not out for long in these temperatures. Also the catio is protected from the wind and this is really important. We know they are not designed for the cold and Äiti is very aware of the cold air on their chests and in their lungs, However when the catio door is open itäs pretty hard to stop them - particularly if there is a squirrel outside. When Veikko feels cold he wants to wear his sweater, and recently he has refused it. Seppo pretty much always runs away when he sees it in Äiti's hands.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wordy Wednesday

A huge outrage has occurred. My peace has been rudely disturbed. Okay, so I yak about a furball or two (Äitimake that 6 in 4 weeks), and I eat two whole pouches a day without getting tubby, and maybe I can be a bit hissy (so much so you scratch my face when you want to whap Jura at 3am), but is that any reason to take me to ystävämme eläinlääkäri ?
I was very, very unimpressed.
Firstly, I was imprisoned in the bathroom all night. Äiti ignored my pleading eyes. I was not given brekkie. I then foolishly trusted Äiti and allowed myself to be scooped up and pushed into the PTU, tempted by my yellow blankie in there. I was then driven hundreds of miles (4km) to the city centre, in a snowstorm. I sang and sang and sang but did my people answer my song ? Nope! I then got carried great distances through the freezing streets to the vet place (100m, -2°C) where Äiti was most rude to the human with a 17 year old gentleman cat as she was spinning out and not good with her Finnish. I may have wailed like pikku pentu when Äiti left me all alone for hours (2 mins) while she went to have a wee. After a lifetime's wait (10mins) I was summoned by ystävämme eläinlääkäri  and was weighed, and blood taken, litres of it (2 little tubes). I was given a pink bandage, with hearts on which Äiti  refused: instead I got the blue one with fishes which was very smart. But I still flung it off within 5 minutes. I was then scooped up and taken for a röntgen. Äiti and the vet nurse put on lead aprons and I was pinned to the table despite my brave fighting and protests (you held very still...): Äiti had my front paws, the vet nurse had my back. I was held tight for hours (30secs) and finally escaped before being bombarded with death rays. I was grabbed and pinned again for hours (29secs) and the röntgen was taken. I then leapt onto Äiti's shoulders and stayed there, refusing to go to the vet nurse so Äiti had to take her apron off first and then I allowed myself to be put in the PTU. Well, my röntgen showed I have the most marvellous femurs - very strong bones, Oh yes. But I have yet another furball brewing. I also am a bit full of poop and some gas. Pöh.  But I have no body fat and that is a problem - especially as I eat more than any of the others every day - except maybe Aila who could donate more than a kilo to me if she wished.
So Äiti has been told I have to be brushed twice daily. Yeah right - she does that - or tries. I allowed brushing and combing at ystävämme eläinlääkäri  as I was pretty powerless at that point, but if they think that will be daily - no way. My curly bits are far too private for that.  So apparently a bath may help. No no no no no ei ei ei ei ei ei. No way.  In the meantime, Äiti feeds me something to help me 'go' and I will have high fat foods. And we see what the bloods show.

So, Loyal Readers I am after information...... how do you cope with brushing and hairballs ? Especially you long-furred felines.... I am most interested. It would appear I have no choice over this and Äiti needs help so I do not explode with paws and claws and jaws everywhere. I have begun to enjoy the Diabolical Comb - on my own terms - but not in the curly bits. And no suggestions of shaving please - that would not even be considered funny. 

Now, we also have a video to show you. Be very impressed at this: our nekkids have sisu in buckets. Well, maybe not Veikko but Seppo was not deterred by the snows. He saw a squirrel; he hunted! He stalked through snow fearlessly. And the the rotten rodent just chuckled at him as he disappeared over the roof. Pöh. But what a brave sphynxie: Sir Stinkalot the Bold. And insane.

Don't panic - he came in for a nice warm cuddle very soon!