Friday, 21 November 2014

Feline Friday

Loyal Readers, we reclaim the blog today. Enough of this human politicking - and we thank you for your support for those of you who signed the petition yesterday. But now it is Friday and there are kitty piles to be indulged in, in anticipation of a weekend with Äiti around. Ruska has recently become a real snuggle-puss and has tried to muscle in where others are peacefully sat. Jaava is about to be squashed here, so moved to the chair, next to Mirsku.
Two was company, but now there's a crowd.
And surprisingly, it is might Mirsku who moves. Ruska and Jaava for a mutually beneficial heat-exchange.
And in the meantime Mirsku generously exchanges a tummy tickle with the opportunity to claw at Äiti's skin.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Thursday Temper!

Observe my profile - with whiskers, eyebrows and ear tufts. They show my maturity and wisdom, I think.
And now my glaring eyes, which contain benevolence because I am a fair King Kitty Cat of Finland(North) but underneath there is a firey rage.
Why ? Well, it would appear that my future is insecure. It is possible that next year Äiti will not be in employment and that severely threatens my supply of salmon, chicken, kibble, wet food, treats, nip etc. etc.. Why ? Well, it appears that despite my role as King Kitty Cat of Finland (North), the humans in power at our city council are thinking of closing Äiti's school or at least crippling it with severe budget cuts. Now Äiti says we will cope, whatever, but she would of course rather be employed. And she's none too impressed by what's going on. She works at the International School which is not some posh fee-paying place for elite kids with rich parents, but a council-run school where the teaching is in English and anyone from here can go - provided they speak a good level of English - which many 'ordinary' Finkids do. It uses the IB program and Finnish curriculum. So many of her students - and might I add, my Loyal Readers - are Finnish born and committed to a global education. Afterall this world is a smaller place now we have the innerwebs. But Oulu City Council wants to save money and reverse the international trend that her school is setting, possibly by closing it down. This will have a pretty big impact on the economy locally. We live in a city of 140 000 humans - not big and a change like this would be very serious. Now I do not like getting involved in human politics, let alone putting it on my bloggie, but here I have been stamping my paws in rage. And I wonder if you my Loyal Readers, would ask your Humans to sign the petition that a couple of Äiti's students have written. It will be presented to the councillors on Monday and hopefully they will rethink.  

Now the petition signing bit is in Finnish so to help we give you a quick translation.......
Etunimi - first name
Paikkakunta - city/district
Maa - country   - you will get a list then: Yhdysvallat is USA; Iso-Britannia is Great Britain
Sähköpostiosiote - email address
The question asks if you mind your name being shown publicly: kyllä to show your name; ei not to. 
Than click to sign, and you will need to click on the link in the email you are sent to verify it.

We thank you for your support in this. Finland is a small country and we know it is very important to be international players, and the students at Äiti's school are just the ones who will take us forward in this. We apologise human politics have taken over the post, but really we are all poutraged: mancat and girlcat, Britcat and finncat; breedcat and moggie - we speak with one loud voice: stop this nonsense now! 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Floodlit Tuesday

To supplement her eyesight, Äiti has fixed a floodlight up on the catio. We, of course, do not such things as we have superb visual expertise, but she is a mere human.  Anyway, it means she can take midgnight photos when we are on mousewatch. Well, actually this was more like at 8pm! She's too old to stay up much later than that, hehehehe.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Cheer

Now doesn't this image make everything better ?!
All five squablets at Kissmollin are doing well and Äiti took photos yesterday.  If you read the facebook page or blog, you may get some most excellent practice at Finnish. Now, do not trust Bing or Google-translate as they can be most inaccurate. 'Chocolate turtle' or 'chocolate villain' are mistranslations for chocolate coloured tortoiseshell!  Hehehehe.
And if you want a real ultra-cute treat, just look at this video of sleeping kittens. Oh, the dreams of innocence!
The video is also available here