Saturday, 24 June 2017

Hyvää Juhannusta!

Here in Finland the festival of Juhannus is underway. This is midsummer, also called St. John's Day and it does not necessarily coincide exactly with the solstice. More likely it is the weekend after the solstice to allow the humans to recover from alcohol intoxication. We shall be relaxing on the Catio - hopefully in the sunshine which seems to have gone south to central Europe right now. Yesterday Äiti was wearing gloves when she went out to watch - you guessed it - stinky birds.
She was delighted to see this one - who was not so happy to see her. It's an oystercatcher but it must have been really hungry as there aren't many oysters round here.
As you can see, it had a little chick which made a break for it, striding boldly across the sands of the Baltic shore.
Meantime its parent tried to find some food and finally faced the camera.
Äiti used to see these birds a lot in Britain and they are coming a bit further north as the climate changes. Now we were not so happy that Äiti went out birdwatching but she has promised us a better deal over this weekend.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Finncat Friday

All is well in the Kingdom. Aila has successfully swatted down any sort of dissent from  the sneaky girlcats at When the Cat's Away in Finland(S) as they have recognised even Britcats have sisu.  And I have been making sure the Castle is not neglected, even though I am spending much time in KQ. I am feeling better, despite being given pills FIVE times a day. Pöh.
However, it is all worthwhile when I get an email telling me that this blog is the second most popular pet blog in Finland! Oh yes! I am very proud of this, especially as it shows that all you suomalainen Loyal Readers have great language skills as Äiti's Finnish is paska and you also put up with her bad typing in English. So I thank you for keeping on visiting, and I also congratulate the top blog, Naukalan Kerho which is well worth following if you do not already do so.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Unhappy girlcat!

Oh dear, I have spent the last day avoiding Aila who really knows how to have a grumbling hissy fit. She was not best pleased at being called a 'British Sissy' in the comments yesterday. She does, begrudgingly, admit that there are many bigger cats in Africa who could have her for breakfast if she came across them so King Spitty, you are forgiven. Just.
However you girls in Finland (S), here is her message!
Loyal Readers, let me point out I had nothing to do with this little spat and I am keeping well out of it.  And FYI Aila has dual nationality now; she has a British passport but having passed the language test of being able to snark fluently in Finnish, and been continuously resident here for over 7 years, she also has Finnish citizenship complete with a bucket of sisu. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Time for some dirty nekkid toes!