Sunday, 21 December 2014

Monday Miscellany

So, overnight we have had the solstice, and the longest hours of darkness are now passed. This is a very important even here in Finland (N) and we make sure we celebrate by sleeping through it. We had a request to show some of our snow - this was taken a couple of days ago. Mirsku and Ruska are a blur as there's a chase going on.
And then yesterday morning, with our floodlight (at about 10am). I am watching the catio by the table, and Pekka is on the far right.
Now Pekka can be seen starting up the 'golden glacier' in Poo Corner. Last year there was not enough snow for a good glacier but we are hopeful that will not be the case this year. We want a nice snowy winter.
At the bottom of the shot you can see Mesi's head. She is  a brave little explorer. She will need to be brave today as she is parting company with the bits that could make her a mummy cat. She is a very tiny girlcat and kittens would probably exhaust her - and us.
And we have some news that has made us do happy dances in the snow: our Loyal Reader who was Vilperi's servant has welcomed two senior mancats into his home. Vilperi can never be replaced but we look forward to a long and happy occupancy for these two rehomed cats in Raahe.

Sunday Snugglers

Snow has fallen and it is all wintry and wondrous outside, as well as chilly! So there has been some cozying up going on. The burmese frequently share body heat.
And Mirsku and Ruska also cuddle up. This cat tree is amazing - it is the first one  Äiti bought here in Finland, over 6 years ago, and the nest bowl is an absolute favourite place. And here it is supporting over 11kg of mighty mancat, all of which is very indignant that the camera is out.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Springy Seppo Saturday

Today's the day we jump for joy as Äiti's holiday starts. Seppo is showing his appreciation- and a whole lot more.
 And again, from another angle.
This is a more modest view - and you can see his winter fluff ears and hobbit feet. And some weird bat wings. Sampo is doing his best to turn away from a full frontal experience.
But why the leaping ? Yes - it's the feather toy, finally wrested from Mad-eyed Mesi. And now Äiti's home for Christmas, there's plenty of playtime.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Frenzied Feathered Friday

We finally got to try out a toy that Äiti bought simply months ago . And when I say 'we', well, more like Little Princess Buttercup pushed her way to the front and tore right into it.
She was growling away.
The claws were out, and we didn't dare go close.
 After all, would you ????

Thursday Tinkering

Äiti has been pondering more 'catification' for Risto Puoli-häntä. He and Roosa stay in one area, and on occasion some of the rest of us have been known to chase them. Now Äiti has extended the hiding shelf and added a new scratching/climbing post.
You'd think the Half-tail would be grateful enough to look at the camera.......