Friday, 26 August 2016

Flooftail Friday

I am keeping a low profile today, seeing as it appears I am not popular for my territory-protecting actions. Pöh. And even worse, Äiti says these photos of Little Princess Buttercup would make a 'nice blog post'. Yeah right, she's not even looking at the camera.

Just because she was prancing about with a tailio the size of a candy floss stick, apparently that's photogenic. Veikko in the meantime was wisely plotting his attack from the safety of a box.
But it is Friday and the purple beddie has been removed so I am happy about that.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Triumphant Thursday

Recently, there has been a great Battle of Wills in the Castle. Äiti put the loathed purple beddie up in my favourite 'dunk', having removed the snug fleece I had pretty much destroyed. Now Äiti made two of these beddies, and we unanimously disliked it. The second was sent to King Spitty who adores his. Äiti has tried all sorts of bribes to get us to use it, and by placing it in my most loved location, she though she would persuade me of its delights. I have been 'in' it twice. First time, she had the camera ready for the nanosecond in which I tried it and decided it was still vile.
The second time, Äiti wished she had had a camera. I saved it for when we had another visitor yesterday. Within 5 minutes of her arrival, I was sat on the edge of the dunk and used it as I saw appropriate. Yes indeed, I peed in it. Oh joy! Äiti was not impressed and has agreed that she has LOST the Battle of Wills.  I can tell you, Loyal Readers, I celebrated with some pretty tasty valerian after that. Hehehehehe.

Äiti's note: Punapisspot did indeed show who is boss by marking yet again when a visitor arrived. He is excelling himself in the peemail department and is behaving as a total brat cat now I have dared go back to work. Sigh.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Woeful Wedensday

Imagine Äiti's joy when she found some valerian in a local shop! The joy disappeared when she saw the price but she still bought some for us to sample. notice this stuff is recommended for use by humans - yeah right! 'Highway to health' pöh.
We were shock to find it was a finely ground powder and Veikko was the first to sniff it.
It was then wrapped up - badly and Seppo partook.
Wethinks you have something on your nose there Seppo - a bit of a give away!  And the eye gunk reinforces your 'addict' look.
Sadly, the valerian was a great disappointment as it was not stinky enough and was seriously disappointing. Less of a highway to health, more of a dead end to dreariness. We've decided Äiti can have it - the German stuff is far, far superior.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


It has not escaped my notice that the majority of toe-exposure has been from the Nekkids and their webby paws. It is time to redress the balance.......I'm just getting cleaned up....
There you go - I have even exposed my extremely cute little toe pads for you, and there's a glimpse of tongue for your extra enjoyment.
Not a web in sight.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Mahtava Maanantaina - Marvellous Monday

I need to temporarily stop my strop to show some of the most wonderful gifts we have been given by Ruska's gummi, who visited from Finland(S). She brought loads of treats and food which Risto, Roosa and Ruska will get the biggest share of.  News was also bought of Raisu, Ruska's sister, and her fellow felines- Äiti had hoped to visit this summer but was not well enough. We send greetings to everyone in Raisu's perhe, and are grateful for the gifts - especially this crocheted mat which Jura models.
Sampo had to check it too. Actually we have all checked it as there are many interesting smells on it.
We also were given this amazing lamb fleece duster which is so soft and cuddly.
Unlike the sneaky girlcat next to it.

We were so grateful for the visit, despite Äiti feeling unwell and dizzy and not remembering any Finnish. Kiitos to Raisu, Tilli and Nurru - and please look after your human too as she is very special.