Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tuesday Tussle

As well as slouching in a hammock, Seppo has been fighting to protect his bits and pieces from the mighty muscle mancat Mirsku. Mirsku is a just an overgrown playful 7kg pikku pentu  but when you are underneath him, it can be a little hard to have that perspective.
Seppo fights back with a fantastic stinkeye.
And Mirsku retaliates with a hip cracking move that results in a very wide splits from the poor Nekkid Boy.
He can spin round though easily (less furs, less friction) to whap Mirsku, who is ever ready with a sneaky paw to the bum.
But no, observe Seppo's reptilian paw crushing the leviathan's bonce......
 Followed up with a drag of the claws down the cheek.
Can it be true ? Is he safe ? The Sphynxie Stinkeye wins!  
These nekkids clearly have hidden talents, even if some things are not quite so hidden.

And what has been hidden from us is Äiti's interweb browsing history - she has been visiting the site of Seppo's breeder a lot: if you want to see some stunning photos of nekkids, check out Tutsi Sphynx Cattery.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Mesi Monday

So, instead of starring in the local cat show this weekend, Mesi took advantage of the catio sunshine which briefly appeared. She snoozed.
And she attacked the camera strap - of course.
And she helped Äiti not strain herself by reading too much, strategically placing herself in front of her Kindle.
Now some of you Loyal Readers may have noticed a certain amount of lazing around: Äiti has a new addition to the catio: a human sized hammock. Well, it can also fit us felines of course and we LOVE it. 
Just look how it fits the Nekkid Boy so well (and we have instructed him to be in modesty mode).
Oh yes, life is very good here in the catio sunshine, although apparently Äiti is off to another cat show on Saturday and we know not why.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer Sunday

So, in the rare moments of sunshine this summer, Seppo is out there soaking up the rays. So is Äiti.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Saturday Stuff Up

We are most unimpressed. Mesi is not often moved to give the Bottom of Disrespect but this one goes out to sh*t for brains Äiti, big time.
Guess who let Mesi's vaccination record lapse so she cannot go to the show ? Pöh. Now ordinarily Äiti would not be taking any of us to the show but she has let down Mesi's breeder who deserves better. We will be doing the guilt trip for months now.  Even Mirsku refuses to look at the camera.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday's Feather Toy Fight

Mirsku, our mightiest member, and Jaava, our most dimunitive save Mesi, were sharing a small area on top of a stool while reaching for a flying feather toy. Mirsku is a bit partial to torties so was happily sharing the same surface with Jaava who was doing some very dynamic yoga trying to catch it.
 He was of course going to join in, but tried using his capacious mouth.
Having failed, his paws flew. Failure there too.
Jaava was not discouraged but poor Mirsku turned his back in shame.
The sneaky girlcat won! She spread her tailio where he had been an continued to fight the feathers, while Mirsku looked on with a slightly wounded stinkeye.
Sorry buddy, you shouldn't even have tried to compete with Jaava. No one would lay bets on you to win.