Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tired Tuesday

We're all a bit exhausterated. Stoopy human politics, late night football (proper football of course - like Iceland played but England didn't, hehehe) and waiting for Äiti to fix our new catio cat tree....... 
And in case any of you were wondering, Aila, Lewis and Tessie may be UK kitizens (and a tortizen) but they are not going back: Finland(N) is home.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Mighty Mancat Monday

Yesterday, Loyal Reader Flynn  asked if Ruska was really big or just floof. Well, it's hard to tell as he is shy and the only time Äiti can pick him up is when he is sedated for his annual grooming. He is certainly one of the bigger felines in perheeni: maybe Pekka, Aila and Mirsku are more massive. Since his last grooming he has become more confident and Äiti has scritched him more. 
He loves rolling outside and here chases a woven thread donated by our Loyal readers in Finland(S), the girls at When the Cat's Away.
Ruska is a big floofy beast.
He has the potential to be boss cat if he wanted, which would be great as he defends me!
By contrast on the fur front, we have Seppo who is wearing some white fuzz. He has a tabby striped tailio under his brown 'fur', and now seems to be going grey on his back and thighs. His muzzle is black but he seems to be getting more colourful as he ages. 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Sharing

As part of the great garden extravaganza, Äiti allowed some testing of this year's kissanminttu. This is growing in pots, seeded from last year's plants. Jura is keeping the leaves close to himself.
Sampo samples and approves.
 But Ruska wants to have some. He knows he has to break through the felociraptor cordon.
Go Ruska!
That's Jura told, and Sampo looks like he's quivering.
Seppo, however, has been allowed to stay and share. I approve of this because Seppo doesn't chase and tease me; Ruska has a strong sense of fairness.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Saturday Sawing

For some reason, Äiti was 'in a piss' yesterday. She was also dizzy so her frustration was taken out domestically as she didn't want to drive anywhere. Her victim was this tree. This apple tree, close to the Catio, was killed by myyrä or a mousie who chomped all round the bark at the bottom. We did get revenge on it by catching the villain a couple of years ago.
Well, Äiti got her saw and cried 'timber'.
Some of us watched in horror. Horror because her sawing was dreadful - the ctump looked like it had been bitten!
After an hour or so the trunk and some branches remained.
This, of course, is to become a cat tree on the catio. That's the next project.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Festive Friday

It's Friday, and juhannusaatto - midsummer's eve - here in Finland. That means lots of celebrating and serious relaxation. We welcome this with open paws.
Have a good one, Loyal Readers.