Monday, 20 October 2014

Mesi Monday with added Mancat

Mesi certainly has a magic touch: she has  her tummy tickled by Äiti and her bottom washed by Pekka. Oh she was purring.
Pekka did however have a firm eye on her tail, as a toy!
Mesi did not like that so much.
So they whacked paws a little.
And poor Pekka got his paw-pit bitten!
So she of course deserved a belly snorgle.
 Pekka tried the bitey but she kicked out.
 She is indeed Little Princess buttercup, and you may kiss her paw.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunny Sunday

Earlier in the week Äiti picked up a package which had been sent all the way from the USofA, from none other than Mom Trish of the Katnip Lounge. As you can imagine, we were all over the packaging and eager to see the contents. disappointingly, all that was in it for us was some string - no little love lockets from May Ling for Mirsku. But he coped well with the disappointment. No, instead there were two gifts for Äiti. The first was this cloth, entitled 'Aurora Stran'. As Loyal Readers know we sometimes see the northern lights, and the dancing tails of those who are at the Rainbow Bridge. Since Stran left us, we have not seen them, but we know he will be there, tail waving. But this is a permanent reminder for us, and we have put it on the wall at the top of the stairs. And we are very honoured as it was Mom Trish who did this dyeing.
Dad Scott dyed a t-short for Äiti which Seppo is helping to model. Äiti bought t-shirts last year but they are a bit big for her now (she still wears them though as they are comfy and colourful). But this is the perfect fit for her.
We are incredibly grateful for these gifts - and the card that was sent too. Äiti is having a hard time getting used to life after the God Emperor and knowing that she has such amazing pals really helps.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Saturday Starvation

It's the start of the autumn break so Äiti is home with us for a week! Seppo thinks we should celebrate with the food cupboard being opened. 
For once, all of us are in agreement.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Friendly Friday Fighting

This tussle between Uncle Sampo and Mesi went on for ages. Sampo was innocently lying in the hammick, on top of Mesi's tail, and she objected.
 Those cute little coffee bean toes hide well-armed claws.
And Mesi is very cheeky with her tongue sticking out: that is disrespect to her elders!
She deserves a little tap in the face.
 Sampo is too much of a gentleman to actually use his fangs,
but Mesi is not much of a lady as she tries the bitey on him.
 Ooomph! Sampo is pushed - look at those ears!
And now for some synchronised tail slapping.
Yes, this continued for quite a while and Äiti has another load of photos for sometime in the future.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Timid Thursday

Right now things are understandably a little unsettled in perheeni as the New World order takes shape. Äiti was very surprised to see Ruska and Risto together.
These photos were swiftly taken before Ruska snuck away.
Risto and Roosa live on the landing and, I must admit, get teased quite a lot. Ruska recently has started to defend them a little - he has a strong bond with them as they were part of a smaller colony together before in Muhos. But Äiti has never seen Ruska approach them.
Lewis was strongly bonded with Stran and Äiti is making sure he keeps eating is made to feel special.
He gets extra food along with Seppo, Mesi and me in the evening. However he is still shy, and this is the closest to a 'Tocktober shot we think we will get from him! But at least he's covering Seppo!
And I have also been getting special food. A few days ago Äiti noticed I was very quiet and did not eat. I did not even come to the kitchen to help her make her sandwiches for work (we have to taste the turkey to check it is suitable).  When I get stressed I can easily stop eating, and she thinks I was missing Stran. She even saw Pekka and Ruska both licking my head at the same time.
Of course I miss him, but I am pleased to report I am eating much better now - today's turkey was very tasty.
When a such a big change occurs in a kitty colony, Äiti knows it is important to make sure that we all feel loved and safe. She is very glad to have next week off work so she can be with us and make sure we are reassured as we try to sort out the hierarchy.  I know that, despite being King, I am not destined to be Top Cat. Apparently as a kitten abandoned at a young age, I did not learn proper socialisation. Stran was a colony cat and he knew exactly how to be firm and fair - no one else here has that experience so the future will be, let us say, interesting!