Wednesday, 23 July 2014

One Word Wednesday



If you cannot see the video, you might be able to view it here.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Trackable Tuesday

Today I have to report on Äiti's geonerding activities. Now I did not approve of this to begin with but actually it has possibilities for me to become even more internationally well known. Last week I showed a 'tag' which can be placed in one of these hiding places, and collected an then travel around the world. Now my tag was collected the day after it was left in a very nice cache near the Castle. And it was then photographed with another cat called Saga! So already I have been making new pals. We are not sure where it will go next, but it has been traveling around this Oulu area.
On Sunday Äiti went to a nearby island which is quite large, and has several of these caches. And in the first there was this tag! This is Aisha the Cat who wishes to visit relatives in Thailand as she is a siamese. She has a little pan attached with a fish in so she does not get hungry on her journey.
Äiti has brought her home and she met Seppo  and some of the rest of us have had a sniff.
Now she is a long way from Thailand - and in fact this  has been her journey over the last year or so! Äiti thinks she will take her to Helsinki when she visits there at the end of the month as she has a very important appointment there.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Monday Photo Corrections

Yesterday we had a complaint from a Loyal Reader - well, more like a Loyal Meezer. May Ling from the Katnip Lounge was very annoyed that her mighty leviathan Mirsku was cut out of the photo. So, here he is, looking wistfully away from the camera as he is quite a shy boy. Okay, he's not usually, but in matters of romance he can be a little bashful.
And everyone guessed correctly that the tail was the capuccino or Belgian chocolate of the little tortie terror Mesi. Actually, she is far from being a terror, which is extremely weird for me as she is that enigma I do not really understand - a girlcat.
Now tomorrow I have some very important geocaching news to report - and no, it does not involving hiding a kitten!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Snuggling

Here are the senior residents of perheeni - except for Äiti, Tessie and Stran take it easy in the sunshine, at peace with the world and each other. Mirsku is top right, badly cut out of the photo. But whose tail do you think snuck in bottom left ?

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Slightly Rude Saturday

Loyal Readers, consider yourself warned. If you do not want to see mancat things which cannot be unseen, then go skip to a blog full of fluffy kittens somewhere. But for those of you who can face the bare facts, then you are welcome to read on. You see, we Finncats do not mind bits and pieces, and nudity (just as well of Seppo would be permanently clothed). And so called naughty bits are not naughty to us. All is free and easy here, as Stran demonstrates.
Now Stran is a hot-blooded mancat (without the necessary bits), and it amuses me that he tries his luck with Sampo rather than Jaava - a sneaky girlcat.
You may recall that Seppo recently had his little operation, and those bits which were dangling merrily came back not quite so full. In fact, shrivelled little raisins came to mind. Now when Seppo was sunning himself the other day, Äiti noticed something odd. This BLACK sphynxie has light furs in a certain area.
Wethinks he is soon going to demand to be called Golden Balls.  Or maybe those raisins are actually Sultanas! Seppo is unimpressed.