Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wednesday Wondering

Loyal Readers, I am in need of your input and advice. Ever since the visit of Mom Trish from the Katnip Lounge, Äiti has been crocheting. Now we have laughed and scorned most of what she has produced, but we are delighted with this crop of cat toys. She has been testing different yarns, and immersing these thingies in valerian. They are stinky!
This was a reject.
Seppo was able to deconstruct it too easily.
But this one was a hit - maybe the rainbow coloured yarn helped.
So, how can you help ? Well, we think these are great, easy gifts for Äiti to distribute or even sell (to raise money for shelters) but they need a name. Now originally Mom Trish made them to help a young lad understand about sperm and sex education (a very long story) and they became an instant hit with us, even without the added valerian. And we asked you to guess what they were, and sent out some to the lucky guessers.  Now, even we think calling them Stinky Sperm or something like that is perhaps a little strange so we need a name! I may set up a poll on my facebook page but also welcome your comments. Personally I like 'Punapippuri's polliwogs' as polliwog is an olde English term for tadpoles, but maybe it sounds too much like gollywog which is regarded as very offensive. In Finnish tadpole is nuijapää which is a wonderful word but somewhat hard to pronounce, hehehehe. As is siitiö which is Finnish for sperm.  Giddy gametes is possible, but doesn't quite sum it up..... woolly wigglers ?  Yarn tiddlers? Well, to be honest, we do not know. So, please send suggestions. As a bilingual household, we welcome Finnish and English nominations.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Timid Tuesday

So today I allow Roosa to take the limelight in the blog. Now Roosa is maybe not the most timid of us, but she likes her own company let us say. In fact anycat who comes close will get swiped with her unretractable Claw of Doom which strikes terror into us all. She'll lash out at Äiti if approached in the wrong way too. However she has a certain beauty.
And she knows it.
She is a stumpy manxie with no tail, but none of us dares tease her. Well, Sampo can do when he's been on the nip but to me that's just insane. Her brother Risto is easier to wind up at less risk to ourselves!
Roosa has got better with her litter box issues - she now at least uses towels which have to be changed all the time (of course).  She loves it when Äiti rubs her head and gives her scritches so she's not a mean and sneaky girlcat all the time - she can be very soppy when in the mood and when the rest of us are elsewhere.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Shy Man Cat Monday

As Loyal Readers make comments, I try to respond on my bloggie and here today I show one of the Muhos gang* - Risto. Now he and his sister have not really bonded with the rest of us, and they keep themselves in an area upstairs. Äiti is painfully aware of their shyness and blames us for bullying them. Pöh! Risto is indeed a Halftail (a manxie) and sometimes gets a bit of teasing. Maybe.  It would be so much easier if he didn't argue back and just accepted we are the bosses........
But Äiti does her best to provide for them, despite the fact they both resolutely refuse to use litter boxes. Ever.
Yesterday Risto got a brand new 'dunk' lining: Äiti crocheted one for him. he also got a new magic fishie.
Mesi wanted to play with it, but Risto stood firm.
And he enjoyed loads of scritches and tickles.  He's actually a total tart with humans.
* the Muhos gang are Risto, Roosa, Ruska and our dearly missed Rilli: the four of them came to live with us when their wonderful human died a few years ago.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday Snuggles

Each morning, Äiti wakes up with Veikko under the covers with her. Here he is just waking up too.
And then of course he realises he is hungry and puts the bitey on Äiti.
The burmese have the ability to sleep anywhere.
Sampo will share a snuggle with them, or us big ginger mancats.
I have the best position - literally on top of Pekka. Well, it's MY laptime. He's not looking very happy about it, so soon he'll move. Mission accomplished.