Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday Annivesaries

Three years ago a powerful force was unleashed on the world, from which it took perheeni a while to recover. It is three years today that the ninjas Jaava and Jura were born at Kissmollin Cattery. Here they are with proud mother Martta, just a couple of days old.
And here they are a few weeks later. Nomi, Annabella and Isabelle along with Jaava and Jura. And no, Äiti cannot remember who was who as they were all lilac or lilac torties!
 At 12 weeks they joined us, much to the delight of Stran who just loves kittens. We are not sure who was eating whom here.
Apparently I was unhappy with these tearaways who hit the catio like a typhoon. Well, just look a them! They were wild. And they got loads of food and attention. 
And cuddles, even from Harris.
And sadly today is also the anniversary of Harris leaving us to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Even though he was a very quiet, shy boy, he was a really important part of perheeni and is still greatly missed. He was far more sociable with us felines than with humans, and that meant he had a happy life and that, for all of us, especially Äiti, was the most important thing. Now his brother Lewis is growing in confidence, Äiti wishes Harris could still be here to see it, but she is grateful for time she had with him. 
But we send many congratulations to the Kissmollin litter for their third birthday. Here's to many more! Birthdays that is, not new ninja additions to perheeni.....

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Traumatic Tuesday

 All winter and spring we have been on mousewatch. The count was 5, aided by a pile of branches Äiti put in front of the catio. This provided us with a lot of entertainment. Just a couple of days ago Pekka proved himself to be a mighty hunter again.
And he was not prepared to share. Jaava had to back away.
But sadly our chance for more mice have been ruined. We are still annoyed and upset by this outrage. The pile of branches has now been removed and 'tidied'. Pöh. We can only hope that the snack dispenser on the right of the tree might become occupied.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Magnificent Monday

We spent most of yesterday on the catio, basking in some wonderful sunshine. We were delighted that our pal Flynn snooped in on us on catiocam and saw Äiti waving a packing tape toy at us! All this activity needed compensation - Mirsku did what he does best - lying flat in his back in the sun.
Aila also sunbathed, and was rude to the camera.
Seppo spent the longest time outside in his life. He was wearing his cat fur sweater so he did not get chilly. In the sun it was warm, but we still are a long way from summer. Äiti made sure he did not get cold.
Pekka posed on Äiti's lap.
And Sampo just posed.
He and Seppo snuggled together for ages in the outside 'dunk'. Äiti has put ut some of our catio furniture - finally!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

On Palm Sunday it is a tradition here that young children knock at the door, dressed as witches, and wave decorated budding branches around, chanting weird incantations. When given chocolate they disappear and no lasting spells are cast. And we get to play with the switches.
And if we are lucky, kill them!
So that was last weekend. We also got a lovely parcel from Ruska's sister Raisu in Finland (South). Seppo has no rights to it, but was in there first. We absolutely love these parcels and are very grateful for the family bond!
And there were many paws around the toys.  
No one messes with the Nekkid Boy when he is intent on his kissanminttu.
Now if only he could evolve some thumbs - those paws and claws are incredibly nifty.
Happy Easter everyone! Iloista pääsiäistä!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Sharp Focus Saturday

We have had to tolerate some close up photos recently so Pekka simply shut his eye on it all.
He did allow a close up of his nosicle. He does not have Freckles of Wisdom, like I do.
And his lips are mainly pink.
Oh yes, he knows he is a handsome ginger mancat. And he knows I have allowed him to sit on Äiti's lap, but not for long.