Sunday, 26 October 2014

Summer Time Ends Sunday

 Six years ago the day the clocks went forward, Äiti lost her beloved Monty-cat. He was a street boy from Bristol, like Stran, and was an elderly kitty with thyroid problems when Äiti adopted him back in the UK. He was a grumpy old man, devoted to Äiti who was able to take him for walks on a lead (which is regarded as a crazy thing to do in England).
I only knew him for a very short time, as I was handed in to ystävämme eläinlääkäri on the day he visited her and was diagnosed with end-stage CRF.  A few days later he left us. He was very kind to me though and I know how sad perheeni was to lose him. 
So, although we like being able to have an extra hour's sleep, we do always remember Monty.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Seasonal Saturday

In the autumn holiday Äiti usually prepares the catio for winter. She did this on Thursday which was a chilly day at -6°C. That did not deter us - we spotted a squirrel which sadly kept his distance.
Mesi enjoyed  leaping around.
 Äiti harvested some already frozen kale.
One of the nearby trees was chopped down so  she took parts of the trunk and branches for our delight. We ignored them.
And then yesterday when we woke up, the world had changed and gone white! Ruska wanted to join in.
Here's the view: it snowed most of the day but it will soon melt. We are not ready for snow castles and golden glaciers yet.
Over the last 13 months Äiti has taken photos from the same place every few days or so. Now we had a very warm winter last year so this is not a typical 12 months for us, but we wanted to show you anyway: here is a little video of the photos she took. Some aren't brilliant but you'll get the idea we hope.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Friday Furnishings

This week Äiti has been on a break from work, so she has set about tidying the Castle a little. Afterall, it needs it - look at this shambles! I know that is one of my favourite cardboard boxes, but even so, it is hardly excellent interior design.
So, she went north to Ruosti, up to the border and nearest Ikea. And every kitty knows what that means - more boxes!
And in fact, a new shelf unit. Aila inspects it en route to a magic fishie.
And then more of us inspect it.
It is raised into place. Notice how the other stuff is not moved! Pöh.
 And then soft furnishings are added - including Mirsku. In the meantime, I prefer a cardboard box. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Terrifying Thursday

Is it a yawn ? Is it a roar ? Is it a love-sick leviathan ? Or just a plea to change the scratching mat which is getting worn out ?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Weary Wednesday

Nowhere is sacred in the Castle, And Äiti has taken the camera into the bedroom at night. So we cannot sleep in peace! I usually stay at the foot of the bed, for most of the night.
I guard this territory well.
But this does not stop the others sneaking in.
Those with short fur snuggle together. And at this point Äitihas her legs bent at very uncomfortable angles under the cover.
And this was taken on the bed, but in the daytime. Ruska is a great snuggler - but not with humans.